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Wooden garden furniture

Wood is still a popular material. He has a knack for making the atmosphere warm and cosy, and wooden garden furniture is no exception. In addition, its natural appearance makes it timeless and timeless, it will adapt to all environments and can therefore be used for a very long time.

Several species of wood are suitable for outdoor use, teak in particular, which is resistant to humidity, UV and insects, locust, totally rot-proof, or even acacia or eucalyptus , to a lesser extent.

Despite this relative resistance, you can protect your wooden garden furniture from freezing by covering it with a protective cover or winterizing it.

Wood requires some maintenance to keep its beauty over time and aggression.

Strong points : humidity, wind, sun

Weaknesses : requires maintenance to maintain this resistance

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Wooden garden furniture is moderately resistant to humidity

Resin garden furniture: the most weather-resistant

Resin garden outdoor table legs furniture is very popular for its modern appearance and it can be declined in different colors. Inspired by rattan, it often displays an exotic, colonial air, but can also take on simpler, rectilinear shapes.

It is usually fixed on an aluminum frame, which helps to make it very light.

The braided resin is in fact a thermoplastic polymer, combined into strips which will be braided as is done for rattan. This polymer is very resistant: it does not fear the rain, it does not discolour against UV rays, it withstands temperature variations well, it does not rot due to humidity, it does not oxidize. Incidentally, the resin is also not afraid of salt and chlorine.

There are, however, various grades of resin. Check before buying that it has been treated against ultraviolet rays. It is also important for its aesthetics as for its durability in the face of external attacks that it has been colored in the mass. A tight braiding will avoid friction against the corners of the furniture, and therefore faster deterioration. This point is very easy to check simply by exerting pressure with the fingertips on the braiding.

Poor quality resin garden furniture will be much less resistant to bad weather. Freezing in particular can make the resin brittle.

Stainless steel sheet and furniture is therefore very resistant to humidity and can be left outside without fear.

Tip : To be sure to choose quality furniture, choose models whose material is stamped with a the fact that the brand is registered indicates high-end equipment.

The maintenance of a resin garden furniture is very simple since it is enough to clean it with soapy water.

Strengths : humidity, frost, UV, wind, salt, chlorine, temperature variations

Weaknesses : provided that the resin is of good quality

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Steel garden furniture: the most resistant to winds

Modern and aesthetic, steel garden furniture appeals with its raw and modern appearance, whether it is a garden table or seats.

Steel does not rust when it has been made stainless by mixing chromium with iron (steel is an alloy of various metals). It can also be protected by being covered with zinc (galvanized steel) or epoxy. Stainless steel furniture is therefore very resistant to humidity and can be left outside without fear. However, galvanized steel may age less well if it is scratched or poorly cleaned.

Its weight makes it very stable on the ground, such furniture will not be blown away by a violent gust of wind.

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