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sofa with cushions


In order to be successful in your decoration, you must first have a clear idea of ​​the expected result. So you will need to find athemethat is important to you and to use it as a basis for the rest of your project. For example, you can take inspiration from yourfavorite colorand imagine differentcolor combinationsand contrasts to try in your interior. It is also ingenious to focus on other details such as the size of thecushionsand the dimensions of the room and the sofa .

2. how to decorate sofa cushions

Several options are available to you in terms ofmarriage of colorsif you want to decorate your sofa with cushions.

Choosing cushions in the same color as the furniture to be decorated is an excellent way to obtain a harmonious result without taking any risks. It is also possible to use thedifferent shadesAndvariations of colorin question to create a contrast effect, thus giving a slightly neater and more complex rendering. For example, you can decorate a classic sofa in midnight blue with sky blue square cushions and a slightly darker bench cushion .

3. A sofa and cushions in complementary colors

Combining complementary colors, that is to say completely opposite, makes it possible to highlight your sofa. The most common example is decorating a black sofa withwhite cushions, giving a pleasing contrast to the eye. There are also the assortments like blue and orange or red and green which, if not less common, are just as charming if used intelligently. To find the color of cushion that best suits that of your furniture, simply refer to thechromatic circle.


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4. triangular harmony

I’triangular harmonyin interior decoration consists in combining three colors whose positions on the chromatic circle form an equilateral triangle. To combine them correctly, you can not only make use of the furniture and the cushions, but also other accessories such as a plaid and a bolster. As an example, there is the association between red, green and blue that you can interchange as you wish. The most important thing is to use, even in small quantities, the three shades for a balanced result.


There is a wide variety of sofa cushions in various shapes. They are perfect for bringing a touch of originality and personality to the decoration of your furniture. Among the possible choices,square patternsare undoubtedly the most frequently used. They are great classics that adapt to all styles and all sofa designs. There are also cushionsrounded lineswhich are equally versatile. The list also includes modelstriangularwhose use is mainly aimed at improving comfort.


Use cushionsdifferent sizesis a solution that is both simple and original to perfect the decoration of your sofa. This option allows you to dress your furniture in a balanced way and create an impactful visual effect. The oversized pillows are perfect for drawing the eye to the various features of the sofa, including the look of itsfabric and its finishes. Standard and small format models are used to fill in empty spaces and to harmonize the whole.

To perfect the decoration of your sofa with cushions, it is important to know how to play with thetextures. This is done by carefully choosing eachmattercomposing the furniture and accessories. If you want to add depth to your decor, fabrics with velvet or satin finishes are your best options. Rougher textiles such as canvas and woven fabric are more suitable for bringing a raw and rustic touch. There is also the bachette fabric and the bouclé fabric which are perfect for accentuating the soft and cozy side of the set.

good to know

The cushions can serve as a finishing touch to the decoration of your interior. For the choice of their color, it is necessary to take into account that of the sofa, but also the dominant color in the whole of your room.

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