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The Internet has become Ali Baba’s cave which is gradually dethroning physical stores. The field of bedding is not immune to the growing enthusiasm of Internet users who like to order their mattresses in a few clicks.

You may still be hesitant to follow this trend, for fear of suffering the possible disadvantages. Rest assured, the advantages of buying on the web are multiple when it comes to mattresses and other essentials for a good night’s sleep . Do you still doubt it? We have prepared a few arguments that will quickly put you at ease.

1: It’s more economical

Competition is tougher on the internet because the prices are revealed to all Internet users who access the e-shop. Sellers therefore have an interest in offering very attractive prices to boost the volume of orders. This is quite possible since many charges are excluded from online sales, compared to physical stores. On the one hand, there is no storage problem, which obviously comes with costs. The staff is limited, which also represents less expenses. Result of the races, the mattresses sold on the internet are 30% to 50% cheaper than in stores. This is practically equivalent to making your purchases at the factory outlet.

Let’s not forget the promo codes that are all the rage on the web. A percentage discount here, less Euros there, free delivery, etc. It is obvious that the savings you can make are multiple. Moreover, we suggest that you take advantage of these good deals to buy yourself a box spring adapted to your mattress, bed linen, duvets and everything you need to feel comfortable in the arms of Morpheus. .

However, we draw your attention to the fact that some offers are excessively tempting. If the price differences are too great, beware! It is often the quality that is damaged. As a result, you may have to replace your mattress after only a few months. That’s the whole point of making a comparison, a topic we’ll cover in another paragraph.

2: the ease of payment on the internet

Payment is a delicate subject that the web solves with ease. Already, several methods of payment are at your disposal. Bank transfer, check, credit card, PayPal, etc. you just need to select the one that suits you, it only takes you a few minutes.

That’s not all ! There is indeed the possibility of paying for your purchases in several instalments. As a general rule, payment is made in 3 to 4 instalments, free of charge. This option is mainly aimed at Visa and MasterCard cardholders. It is a service that online shops offer in collaboration with FacilyPay. This platform is renowned for the security that governs transactions.

Whichever payment method you select, you can rest assured that the transaction is secure. The banking data that you communicate is encrypted, preventing their exploitation by malicious applications. In short, you have nothing to fear, especially since you can consult the history of your expenses via your bank statements and other applications that you usually use to trace your transactions.

3: we can compare the models easily

The comparison is a non-negligible asset that online shopping enthusiasts can benefit from. The principle is simple. You type in the keywords of your choice and the related results are displayed.

The search engine will display thousands, even millions of offers. What we suggest is instead to limit yourself to a few specific sites. At Direct Matelas, for example, you can use many filters. These will help you narrow your search based on a specific brand, thickness, level of firmness, the dimensions of your ideal mattress , the technology used, the type of filling, etc.

Once you have specified the criteria, the mattresses that relate to it are displayed. You can then consult the individual sheets to understand the specificities of the models offered, which also explains the price difference.

The Internet also makes it possible to compare the prices of the same product according to the sites that offer it for sale. It’s really practical because you are sure to get good deals. Take the time to read the descriptions. For example, it is better to consult the sheet of a mattress specified “140 x 200 cm” than that of a product bearing an overly general mention such as “ 2-seater mattress ”. These kinds of details give you an insight into the professionalism of the seller.

Brands are never to be neglected. Manufacturers with their own website and those that comply with 100% French/European manufacturing are real references in terms of mattresses. Take an interest in the strengths of each brand, what distinguishes it from the competition, the type of sleepers it particularly targets, its sense of innovation…. Every piece of information is important.

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